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Do you have music to publish?

If you clicked on this link you have probably written some music that you haven't yet published. Welcome to the club; you're in good company.

Music House Publications is dedicated to two things:

  • Providing musicians new quality music, and
  • Providing composers and arrangers an easy and comparitively profitable way to share their creations.

Although we wouldn't mind getting rich on this venture, unlike the big paper publishers, we're not driven by what we think will sell. Rather we just want to help share well written music.

You retain the copyright, so if you want to publish or share your music elsewhere as well as with MHP, that's okay with us. We take 20% of the price of the score; Score Exchange takes 30-50% (depending on sales) for showing and playing it to potential buyers and you get the rest. (Paper publishers usually offer 10-15% commission at the most and keep the copyright.)

Feel free to submit your music to the following address in either Sibelius or PDF format. If we feel it fits the quality standards (both in engraving and musicality) and is suitable for serious musicians, we'll publish it. Once we've published 10 or more of your scores, we'll add you to our composer pages.

One last word: we only publish scores engraved using Sibelius music writing software. If you don't submit it to us in that format, we'll charge $15 per page to do the engraving for you (payable through Pay Pal).

I look forward to seeing your music.

Kathleen Briggs

Owner, Music House Publications